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Offensive Computing: A Year Later


Its been a year since we first put Offensive Computing Online. Now is a good time to reflect on the year and how far we have come. In 2006 we:

- Avoided an attempted shutdown
- Welcomed Chamuco as co-founder and members HD Moore, Patrick Stach, Scott Miller, tebodell and (spiritual advisor) Delchi
- Posted in depth analysis of several major worms
- Caused plenty of fun and consternation on the infosec mailing lists
- Developed an automated analysis and cataloging system
- Participated in a SANS malware challenge
- Achieved over 2 million hits and 2600 registered users
- 40,000 malware samples were contributed (Thanks everyone!)
- Published two papers on VMWare detection
- Presented at Defcon
- Scott Miller released a biology inspired tool called BinBlast
- Formed affiliations with many infosec groups and organizations
- Been all over the news including SecurityFocus, EWeek, Dark Reading, etc.
- Began offering consulting services
- Started development on OC V.2
- Participated in the Modern Malware Workshop at the Santa Fe Institute

Now Offensive Computing is starting to get self sufficient and continuing to grow. We want to take this time to sincerely thank our users and supporters for a great year. 2007 should be even more productive and exciting!