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Santa Fe Institute and Modern Malware


We just wrapped up an incredible visit to the Santa Fe Institute. If you want to know more about the organization go here:

This was a get together of major heavy hitters from all over to discuss the problem of
Modern Malware. We were extremely lucky to get invited to participate.

There were many great presentations and discussions and the location
was beautiful. There should be some kind of output (paper) soon which we will link to when it comes out. The main thing to take away is that people are seriously looking at the problem of malware from the AV industry, government, finance and other sectors. This is great news because with the number and caliber of people looking at the problem some great ideas and solutions are bound to come out.

Spending time walking around the hills of Santa Fe with Stephanie Forest was just amazing. She has written some of the fundamental papers on computer security and malware from academia. It was a great opportunity for us.