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Papers : small reading list

Following chamuco's post, here are three papers I thought were interesting.

How to 0wn the Internet in Your Spare Time
was presented at Usenix in 2002, it describes some new techniques that could be used by malware to increase their propagation speed.

The Future of Internet Worms
, even if worms are not as hot as they used to be, this article is a good read. It relates new organisation techniques that can be used by groups of malware to coordinate, among other things.
Finaly, I don't think I really love you from lcamtuf. This article describes the requirements and difficulties of creating malware.

All good papers. As I

All good papers. As I remember these papers were fairly scandalous when they first appeared. As malware has grown up, what has changed? Instead of being a "hobbyist" endeavor, there are now serious economic insentives to running botnets, phishing rings, etc. The need for an automatically changing executable does not fit well into malware writer's business plans.

These are good papers to read, just to see how long ago some things were predicted, and to see the implementation level of the others. Thanks for the post!