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Analysis of Win32.Qucan.a

I have written a paper on the latest IM worm Win32.Qucan.a(Kaspersky).
A complete reverse engineered analysis of the worm and the capabilities of various antivrius scanners in detecting this worm are also considered.
The article can be found at the following link...

Click here to view the paper



Extremely good work

This is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for from the users of Offensive Computing. I've read the document over once and am going to do so again. Very well organized and indepth technical discussion.

Please continue to send analysis such as this. Also would you (or others) be interested in doing malware challenges where we would post a piece of malware and then people could collaborate or work individually to produce an in depth analysis?

Thanks again for the great contribution,


Great work indeed.

Great work indeed.

Outstanding Work

Outstanding Work