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Commercial version of HackerDefender hxdef


Have heard about various "commercial" versions of Hacker Defender that are no longer being publicly advertised:
Silver Hacker Defender
Golden Hacker Defender
Brilliant Hacker Defender
Brilliant Hacker Defender Forever

I have heard that these versions have various levels of anti-detection techniques, etc. I am trying to do some testing of anti-rootkit programs and would like to see how effective they really are against some of these techniques.

Me too.

I've heard about the other versions also, but didn't know their proper names. Let me know if you get a hold of any, they would be fun to experiment with.


good luck

When I contacted Hf several times about purchasing the goods a couple years ago, he balked and gave some lame excuse for not selling/distributing. Good luck finding them!

A couple other sites posted late last year that Hf died in a car accident. Don't really know if it's true, it all seemed like hoglund's work anyway.
Anyone on this site have any info on the writer? Whoever it was, he/she was pretty damn talented and shared his wealth.