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I can't analyze this sample, can you?


Hello everyone!

I came accross this sample (some AVs detect it as an SDBot). I ran it in my VMWare but nothing seems to happen (?).

Plus, when I run it, it logs the computer off, so basically the real-time monitors that I use and useless.

Can anyone tell me how to go about analyzing this sample?




we can probably help but we actually need the sample and it wasnt attached. can you upload it to the site and give us the md5sum?



I thought I did put the link

I thought I did put the link in the post... err... anyways, here is the MD5sum: 26E523C57ED95839D3AB143A48294F90

Thank you very much beforehand!

Have a great day!


Most SDBots are VM-aware, so

Most SDBots are VM-aware, so executing them in a VM will result in them refusing to run.

Analyse this sample

To analise this sample use IDA.