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Worm propagating via open shares request



I'm looking for a worm which can propagate via open shares on a Windows network - I want to try this in an emulated environment, and track the worm's process as it goes infecting each host. I was looking for Netlog (network.vbs), but was unable to find it, so I've come to you to recommend one!

I would appreciate your help, as this should be an interesting experiment, but I cannot find the right worm for the job. The systems will start off as unpatched Windows XP boxes (no SPs), and then I will go upgrading them to see the difference and if the malware is still effective.

Thanks in advance!

Network Share Worm

Try Deborm.Q

The W32.Fujacks.E is another

The W32.Fujacks.E is another worm which not just spreads through network shares, but also tries a few commonly used passwords to brute the shares before it uses the share as a pivot to climb to the next ...

Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

What is the deal with the post above?.

A google search for 885fe0adbe5b0d72eadbc407cb5ca461 gets me 13 links at the moment. Not on a secure PC so I have not checked any of the links yet. Storm worm or what?.

And why would anyone want to click on something in that text? At least they tried to lure us with ladies and enlargements in the past ;)

Are you still working this

Are you still working this project?

Allaple is a good one for testing shares,it has been a while since i tested one but they are readily available via honeypots and such,so fishing one up would not be a problem.

Sample of Strom worm

Dear all,

i want a sample of strom worm binary for research purpose . So could anyone please inform me where i can get it ?

Best Regards,

Storm Binary

Do a search for Small.DAM in OC..