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Id really like a copy of Backdoor.Rustock.B.

anyone have it?



Rustock/Mailbot/pe386 rootkit request

Same here. F-Secure has an interesting write-up and GMER has a video of it. I can't find anyone making it available though.

Might have it if I can find it...

Looking at F-Secure's description they've detected it since May. I'm almost certain I had a malware around then that dropped that driver name but can't find it - what is the method used to spread it? Anyone got an exe name or email details etc? (can't find it anywhere)

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good luck. As far as i know

good luck. As far as i know it doesn't actually have any visible files attached to it, just registry entries and data streams. Its the most hidden virus i have ever seen.

Rustock B

Added Rustock B sample :)

MD5SUM: eaa4a3ae6f0512fa4ee9169a86684dda


Appreciate the sample. Run across others but then you will find the authors of this malware intruder is constantly modifying it. I must say clever design though, somewhere along the lines of the old coolwebsearch hidden appints_key thingy that not only kept it restarting but morphed itself each new reboot. Now that was a chase to say the least.