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OC Updates and Feature Requests

We're currently working on a variety of things at OC. The first one that is being improved is the query system. Some people have made the request to see a list of all the malware that is available. The list that is available would be quite large, and would probably be unusuable. For now you can search for specific malware names (such as netsky) and get a listing in that manner.

If you would like to download our complete archive, please contact Val or myself and we'll discuss this. Generally in these situations we would like to get your archive as well.

Hllywood is working hard to get his automatic malware classification system up and running on OC. He's currently in the process of translating this code from thesis-code to working-code. Any of you in grad school will appreciate the distinction.

In general here is our running list of things we're working on:

  • Updating the query system
  • Getting Windows virus scanning systems up and running
  • Acquiring new Linux VX scanning systems
  • Hllywood's automatic malware classification
  • All things various and sundry for the Defcon talk

As always, feature requests are welcome. Feature requests that come with pre-written code are always welcome. :)


Sample Collection Quality

I'd recommend that you add a routine to check the received malware samples whether they're working, somehow broken (i.e. not complete - some anti virus scanners complain about an "unknown format") or are trojans (or harmless files) which are infected with one or more viruses - try disinfection.

Checking of samples

Right now we do some simple PE analysis. Good idea though, we'll look into it.