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Is there, or perhaps will there be a list, of malware samples that are available? I don't seem to see anything like that at the moment. Might be useful.


See the next post about that. :)

it's been a while...

Do you have an update on the status of opening up the full DB?

We have the following policy

We have the following policy regarding malware distribution and sharing:

Most of the major malware is in the archive. If you want to find a copy of mytob all you have to do is search for it. If you want the entire copy of the archive, then we ask you to contribute to the site. Usually this includes exchanging your archive for ours. If you want the entire archive then there are a couple of caveats.

If you're a business we ask that you contact one of us by email. If you're an independent and open researcher, we are generally willing to make the entire archive available to you. We typically ask for a copy of your paper or at least a rough idea of what you are doing. Furthermore we like to know that you are actually going to publish your research.

This policy was geared towards providing the users of the site with the most complete set of malware. Our thought is that if we allow anyone to indiscriminantly download any copy of anything then there will be less of a chance to gain other contributions.

Please feel free to continue the dialog if you have any questions.

Hi , Is there any way to

Hi , Is there any way to view the latest additions to the site, with the search results only having a set amount I find it quite difficult to get new samples especially when its a name like sdbot or rbot, I did notice this under the search box when I visited:

Total Malware: 40315
Last Malware: Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.xd Backdoor.SDBot.68828248

but if you type in Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.xd it shows about 100 with that name and if you type Backdoor.SDBot.68828248 it shows nothing found so I was wondering if there was a way to view the last 50 or 100 additions or view the date of when items were uploaded, I appreciate the chance to have access to files but alot of the samples Im testing are from last year so its really newer variants that Im interested in, I do have alot of new bot samples and hacdef variants that they are currently installing which I could upload if its useful to anyone but Im just curious if there is a way to find out whats new or when something was added for work Im doing on a removal tool



"If you're a business we ask

"If you're a business we ask that you contact one of us by email."

What's your e-mail? I'm interested in speaking with you about obtaining your archive, in whole or in parts, for academic product evaluations and student research. Some commercial evaluations may be done as well, focusing on anti-spyware network appliances.

If you're a site admin, you can find my e-mail address by viewing my account information.


Sorry I just saw this. Our email's are on the about page.


That's fair enough. Any

That's fair enough.

Any thoughts on making a list available though, or perhaps an RSS feed?