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Offensive Computing Team to Speak at Defcon


Val and Danny's talk was accepted to Defcon 14. Get the schedule and talk information at the Defcon site.

Here's our abstract:

The proliferation of malware is a serious problem, which grows in sophistication and complexity every day, but with this growth, comes a price. The price that malware pays for advanced features and sophistication is increased vulnerability to attack. Malware is a system, just like an OS or application. Systems employ security mechanisms to defend themselves and also suffer from vulnerabilities which can be exploited. Malware is no different.

Malware authors are employing constantly evolving techniques including binary obfuscation, anti-debugging and anti-analysis, and built in attacks against protection systems such as anti-virus software and firewalls.

This presentation will dig into these techniques and explain the basics. The idea of an open source malware analysis and research community will be explored. All the things the Anti-Virus vendors don't want you to know will be discussed. Methods for bypassing malware's security systems will be presented. These methods include detecting and defeating packers/encoders, hiding the debugger from the malware, and protecting analysis virtual machines. We will hack the malware.


Hope to see you there.


Talk is at 10am on Sunday

How do they expect anyone to be awake that early on a Sunday morning?


Good news

The talk has been moved to Friday at 2pm. :)

I caught your talk at DEFCON

I caught your talk at DEFCON and really enjoyed it. I look forward to contributing to thisw site.


Thanks for coming to the talk. Feel free to jump right in.