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Site Updates


Chamuco did a bunch of work on improving the search interface. If you are logged into the site you can see MalSearch at the top right. You can now search on anything, not just md5sums.

The results include:

- md5,sha1,sha256 sums
- AV scan results
- Packer detection
- strings
- dissassembly
- a copy of the sample
- a test version of the report
PE header info

Good job chamuco!


search results limited to 100?

meaning, few days ago I looked for SDBot and my firefox didn't respond so well. now the results of a search are limited to 100?

Search results are limited

Search results are limited to 100 entries. We had a problem with people doing searches for things like "win32", and then using 8 gibabytes of our bandwidth downloading the results.

The 100 search results is a stop-gap measure until I get can get some rate limiting in place. If you want a copy of all the SDbots contact me privately and I can get them for you.

mhh.h. thanks for your time

mhh.h. thanks for your time
quite an interesting idea (searching for "win32") but I rather thought of av detection statistics (or kind of). thanks for information. About "a copy of all the SDBots" I seriously think about extending and sharing my little collection.

AV Detection

I'm currently working on some detection statistics for our current AV system. I'm working on getting the Windows scanning system online before the entire system gets implemented. There are also lots of little details to worry about. The AV industry is driven by money so we have to make sure our results are fair.

browser overloading

Another issue is browser overloading with results. So if your looking for something specific, use a more specific search.