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Zlob Variants

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I have attached a few Zlob Variants that I have collected over the last month incase anyone was interested in its progression.
One of the six files is not detected by any online scanners atm, yes even NOD32.
23.05.06 @ 1643EDT
NOD is usually good at detecting the variants but for some reason this one spooked it. I only scan the "ecodec.exe" to limit the flagging by default of the other files in the self extracting archive. I have only upped the ecodec.exe's.
Some scanners never get the new ones, some may say "suspicious" but IMO that is not enough to warrant a "detection".
Have a look below

Password: infected


Re-attached file


thats awesome. If i get time ill bin diff them and maybe post some graphs showing the differences / similarity.

keep the contributions comin!