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Offensive Computing was formed as a resource for the computer security community by Danny Quist. The primary emphasis here is on malware collections and analysis for the purpose of improving people's abilities to defend their networks. There is a noticeable lack of public sources of malware and malware analysis available. Those that were available were either for sale or limited to a small number of users. We provide resources such as live copies of malicious software, md5sums to search on and analysis of the malware to the general public. Offensive Computing currently has the largest publicly available malware collection on the Internet. Offensive Computing servers are run by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

This way users can match malware they find on a system and they can quickly identify it and know the best defense. By removing barriers to information we believe this will make the Internet a safer place.

Samples are acquired in various ways:

  • User contributed
  • Captured via mwcollectors and other honey pots
  • Found via searches
  • Discovered on compromised systems

This site does NOT encourage or condone the spreading or propagation of viruses or worms. Thats exactly what this site is designed to help defend against.

The intent of providing live copies of malware is so that the community can collaborate on identifying and analyzing them in order to develop snort signatures and other defenses.

We encourage submissions and volunteers. Check the contact page for more information.