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VX Reversing

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Hello folks, let me introduce myself.
I'm Nomenumbra, a random netizen with a great interest in computer security. My interests lie with the offensive side of computer security, including malware research.
Well, I recently remembered i'd signed up to this webpage, which is a great initiatize which I, as a VX researcher'd like to contribute to.
I wrote a short series of VX reversing articles for you to enjoy (i hope :) ):

First Two:


link is dead

tried to download and failed.

download contains malware

VX reversing articles?
I just downloaded them, but it was'nt an article. My AV-scanner (F-secure) detected malare after unpacking:

Resultaat: 2 malware aangetroffen
Virus.Win32.Small.4096 (virus)

* C:\Documents and Settings\Chato\Bureaublad\VXrev\actI\w32.TO.exe

Trojan.Win32.Agent.wy (virus)

* C:\Documents and Settings\Chato\Bureaublad\VXrev\actII\w32.BI.exe

It's oke, I just submitted both files to my collection,
so thanks for that. But normaly I want to know what I download BEFORE downloading ;)