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Seeking Netsky.a (or variants) full source code for serious research

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I've been running into many proverbial brick walls trying to track this down and I know it's public. I believe I use to have it but figuring out which hard drive it "might" have been on is a daunting task especially at the moment. I can only hook 2 HD's up to one pc at a time(of 2 pc's total at the moment) so it is a bit of a pain. I am not in the business of spreading viruses and not some script kiddie. I am 34yrs old not 14 okay. ;) I have read papers and descriptions on the pest and some of it's variants. Some info was useful depending on technical level and depth of study but this is no substitute for the actual original source code or any variant's sources that may be public. A true understanding would only be best grasped by source code not a general idea of the routes and methods of infection and I seek a whole understanding and collect source codes. Please do not suggest a document on the subject (pdf,ppt, word doc or other) I probably have it already or could find it easily, but thanks. If someone has it I would apreciate a link or upload of attachment here or if for some reason, though doubtful, you are more inclined to want to use email than mine is:

I am new to the forum btw and enjoy visiting and keeping up with the new informative discussions and releases here. Your doing a great job and service to the community with this site and glad to see this serious approach to malware research. Admin(s?)keep up the good work. :)

- Azag