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Hello , yesterday i downloaded the latest version of zerowine , and i wanted to use it in vmware so i followed this tutorial :Automated Malware Analysis with Zerowine

to convert the image to vmdk , i installed the new vmware machine all goes well but when i wanted to start using zerowine :
i entered in my browser all what i get is :
" Error response

Error code 501.

Message: Unsupported method ('GET').

Error code explanation: 501 = Server does not support this operation.
and please see this :screenshot

please is there any step i missed ?


ZeroWine 2.0 and ZeroWine-Tryout

In ZeroWine 2.0 the 8000 port is not used any more for the web interface but for the XMLRPC listener, used for automation. The old web interface, however, is still maintained and can be reached at port 8001. But, if you want to use ZeroWine only because of the web interface I recommend you to use the following great fork made by Chae Jong Bin:

Hello , i get it work

Hello , i get it work by using :
Mercury – Live Honeypot DVD

you can download it from here : Mercury – Live Honeypot DVD

many thanks