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State of Offensive Computing

I would like to take this time to thank everyone that expressed their support while Offensive Computing was offline. It was a trying time and I really appreciate everyone's support. Without getting into any of the specifics of why the site was offline for two months, we are back and here to stay. There are a couple of people who were instrumental in helping to keep everything up and running. Paul Royal, from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center helped out significantly with hardware and the new home of the site. Kelcey Tietjen also stepped in and helped out tremendously. If you see either of them at some upcoming conferences (hint: Paul is giving a talk at Blackhat) buy them a drink.

There are a couple of changes that are going to happen that more accurately reflect the intentions of the site. First, the name will be changing to Open Malware. The new name more accurately reflects the purpose and intention of the site. Way back in 2005 the intention was to make this a place where you could find information related to malware and other types of hacking. As things (and life) have progressed it has changed into a malware research site, specifically with the ability to download malware samples. The domain will be in the very near future.

The second big item of news is that we will be transitioning to a download-only malware repository in the coming weeks. The blog site will be officially shutting down. There are much better forums maintained by commercial services that have taken up the role of a discussion area. Specifically the /r/ReverseEngineering and /r/Malware sub-Reddits, and OpenRCE are better avenues of communication. I will maintain a static version of the site to archive the old content.

To accommodate the new download site, there will be a couple of changes. First, a lot of the back end software has changed. Searches will be faster, more malware will be available, and the overall maintenance will be a lot easier. Second, you will need to have a valid, verified Google Account. Having a Google account allows us to use industry standard authentication, and most importantly not to have to maintain a user database. Get one here if you haven't already. In the meantime new account creation is disabled while we make the transition. Old accounts should work as normal.

Finally, we are discontinuing our commercial services. I would like to thank all of our customers for their business. You all helped to support this site and maintain an open service. We will be looking at transitioning to a non-profit status in the coming years.

Thanks again,

Danny Quist

awesome news

those are great news,

keep up the good work,

Udi Shamir,

Malware Researcher,
Linux Developer.

Great News!

Awesome! I am glad this site will still be around. I was worried that the same thing that happened to VX Heavens would happen here to. Does anyone know of any other sites that let you download malware besides this site and VX Heavens? There is malware I am looking for that I can't find here and now that VX Heavens is having legal problems you can't download from them anymore.

Glad your back online!

Great resource for the RE and malware analysis community. I am glad OC is back up and running!

Cool !

Welcome back & thanks for your work :-)

Welcome back!

It is great to see this fantastic resource returned to its rightful place, and I'm excited about the proposed changes that will improve this site even further.

Congratulations, and thanks for all the hard work!

- pr0cy0n