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Released Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.56

Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.56 has been released and it has been some time since last time I wrote about my tool here, so I decided to write some news about it.

In this time I have added many new features. I would like to remark next ones:

* BSA is able to perform several analyses at the same time.

* It has multi-language support. Right now there are translations to russian and portuguese.

* BSA is able to dump processes automatically.

* BSA can search for defined strings inside the analyzed file and dumped binaries.

* BSA is very customizable. There are many features to allow what information must be included in reports.

* BSA offers the possibility of creating reports in XML, PDF and HTML format.

* BSA can be configured to hide Sandboxie┬┤s processes automatically in 32 bit OSs.

* BSA can produce PDF statistics.

* BSA has an analysis mode where the tool is running continously and monitorizing a folder checking for new samples to analyze.

* BSA can save malware analysis information to a SQL database.

* BSA can be configured to skip previously analyzed files.

* BSA can capture screen on video.

* BSA has a module where you can define the "height" of each malware behaviour and using ratings define what kind of alert must rise an analyzed files.

* BSA can run custom commands after an analysis is finished.

* BSA can run from command-line.

* BSA can include VirusTotal information in reports.

* Many new malware behaviours have been added.

I will be glad to receive your questions, suggestions, etc.

You can find the tool at: