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Looking for Nimbda


I've been looking for Nimbda and I cannot find it here or anywhere else. Is it known as something else or super rare or something? I'd appreciate it if someone could upload a sample for me :)

Maybe the problem is the spelling

I think you mean "Nimda"

oh that would explain why i

oh that would explain why i cant find it haha. As it turns out I already had a couple variants. Thanks!

Regarding malware extract

I have downloaded the malware ,using password "infected" i couldnot extract the rar file and run .exe file. May i know the reason.
Please reply back to the mailid-->

Whoever programmed the sites

Whoever programmed the sites download system in their infinite wisdom decided to make everything called "malware.exe" Doesnt mean they're actually .exe files.

If you looked carefully you

If you looked carefully you would found "Original filename" entry.