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Looking for recent samples of rootkit ZeroAccess and fake AVs named Cloud AV 2012



I'm working on making a Youtube video and wanted to know how the AVs I will be testing perform against these threats: rootkit ZeroAccess, fake AV “Cloud AV 2012”, fake AV “AV Protection 2011”, fake AV “System Fix” and rootkit TDSS/TDL4.

Thus if you please could provide me with those malware samples, that would be great.

I'll be testing ESET NOD32 v5, Avast! free v.6, and Avira free.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Malware request - System-Fix

the following link is system fix

i would also suggest win7security2012 as some of the variants are nasty rootkits.

im also submitting this in hopes someone has the Rootkit.zeroaccess i would like a sample myself.

on a side not i also test sample malware and rouge AV's against different legitimate AV programs.

i think, and im not the expert, but AV is headed in the wrong direction. the only thing that absolutley works is proper sandboxing and virtualization.
so in the school environment they use Deep Freeze and home users can use things like ReturnNil SystemSafe

i have tested Returnnil System Safe against just about every single virus i have come across and return nil just works.

Thanks for the rogue sample

Thank you for the rogue sample.

Today, I managed to lay my hands on a sample of rootkit ZeroAccess. I uploaded it to Megaupload in case you are interested.

I password protected the file to make sure no one's computer gets infected by this threat. The password is: infected [lowercase].

By the way, if you happen to know somebody with access to samples of the other 2 rogue AVs I requested earlier, please let them know so they can see this request message and point me out where to get those samples.

Link to ZeroAccess:

Thanks and best regards.


I think this is the CloudAV2012 sample you are looking for.

in a .7z folder, no PW, so as always be careful.

happy hunting


i am not able to download from any of the link as some warning message appeared when i tried opening the link.

Some new links would be

Some new links would be helpful now that Megaupload is no more.