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The WOW-Effect: Imho something the IT-Security community should be aware of ...


Dear like-mindeds,

we (, the Austrian National Computer Emergency Response Team)
just released our latest paper which addresses an issue with Microsoft
Windows 64-bit that has high potential to affect the IT-Security community.
Especially those dealing with malware analysis and accordingly
investigations. It's even possible that some of us already are or were
affected but just didn't notice.

The goal of my paper is to raise the IT-Security community's awareness
regarding this issue.

In short: this issue - I call it the "WOW-Effect" - is a so to say
unintentionally implication of Microsoft's WOW64 technology and the
according redirection functionality.

You can find the paper on our website. If you have any questions
regarding the "WOW-Effect" or would like to give me some feedback feel
free to contact me via

Here's the link to the paper:

Enjoy reading!


Christian Wojner