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Requesting AntivirusXP rogue 2009

Trying to get a new set of rogue samples, I have a numerous malware samples in my websites in zip file orden2 and orden:

I request some good samples not damaged, but also I do have good samples. There is no samples required. I tried to get my multi trojan pack application. In one exe file there was 6 trojans, but it was too big to send up.
Can some one lend me a site to get a good rogue sample. leave the site on the page above on the comments section.

Antivirus2009 Samples

I may or may not have the "XP" versions of the samples but though i bet these are similar. i have two "2009" rouge AV malware i am including in this rar
the password is: infected

happy hunting,

good luck


i need set of sample malware to do test

need of Zero access rootkit samples

For testing i need zero access rootkit samples