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need ZeuS new variant sample (with p2p capabilities)


There's new variant of ZeuS in the wild, based on leaked source code.
I've already search zeustracker and sample db here, nothing got yet...

if you have this sample (the HTTP C&C url should be like "website/gameover2.php") please upload it here,
I'm malware analyst and security researcher, specially researching on P2P botnets.

Thank you guys,

Are you still looking for

Are you still looking for this ? I can toss you a few samples if you are.

Also need this sample

Dear snxperxero,
Also need the zeus 3 sample to study p2p botnets
If you can provide some samples, you help me a lot.
Thank you very much!

Yes I'm also looking for the

Yes I'm also looking for the samples. Could you upload them on the site.


Zeus p2p link

Kind of old , but they should be good enough for analyzing whats going on and how it works. standard password.