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Offensive Computing Aquired by AV Vendor

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Offensive Computing has been aquired by a prominent Anti-Virus vendor for a sum close to 13 million dollars.

The vendor's name will be announced once all the legalities of the agreement have been completed. The vendor plans to convert the site into a vetted, yearly subscription service. The yearly subscription fee for access to the site and malware collection will be set at right around $20,000 dollars.

The current Offensive Computing team will become part of the AV company's research arm in a configuration similar to the l0pht/At Stake merger.

We just want to take this moment to thank all our supporters and members and encourage everyone to sign up for the new service once it comes online (assuming you pass the vetting process that is).


The Offensive Computing Team

RE:April fool

I was almost dead with this joke ... as this drove me nuts. To be very very frank, I was grounded and trying to avoid any fooling and at 2am or so, I read this and I say to myself "What ...the "

Is this really a april fool joke or are you serious ??

Regards and I will plead valsmith to tell that this is just a big-joke.

Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there

This is a joke. :)

This is a joke. :)