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FakeDNS server setup help...


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had a helpful setup guide for a FakeDNS server? I am trying to utilize one for callbacks and malware analysis, and I am kind of new to this field and do not have much experience with Command Line in Linux enviroments. What I would like to do, is setup two VM's that talk to each other while running simaltaneously. This would allow me to see if the malware is calling out at all. I appreciate all of the assistance and thank all of you in advance.

Under Linux you have this

Under Linux you have this that may fit perfectly for your needs:


take a look at Lenny Zeltser's REMnux (, it utilizes inetsim as mentioned above, as opposed to installing and configuring yourself. There is a ISSA Journal Article by Russ McRee ( as well that is worth reading.

Python Script

Here is a script that I use in my script.

you just need to add your fake DNS server's IP on line 33.

There is also if yo prefer using Java.