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Nortel Antivirus Rogue Sample Request


Does anyone have a sample of Nortel Antivirus (Rogue)? Need it for research and testing.


omg!Nortel Antivirus using norton 2009 skin you know?and it released on 2009....i need it too....i think no one guy can find that fake one again....

Sadly, it was removed from

Sadly, it was removed from the web, so only you guys can help me find a sample.

it has been

i has been remove because no workers was working on that site....and the hackers stopped to work nortel antivirus....someone must have that one.....i found too many rogues but not nortel...

Oh yeah, and Macette

Oh yeah, and Macette Antivirus. I am actually studying rogues that copy interfaces or names of other legit antivirus software.


yea me too -_-