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Fail to execute malware sample downloaded from offensivecomputing

I want to analyse Stuxnet and download a few samples from the site. They are all called malware.exe files.

I copy the executable to a VM and try to run the binary. A Windows error message says it is not a valid Win32 executable - a surprise. I use a hex editor to confirm it is a PE file. Surely I am missing a step to fire the malware.exe, please help.

Many thanks.

They might be .DLL or .sys

They might be .DLL or .sys files.

Malware sample not run

The three Stuxnet samples I downloaded are all named malware.exe. Have I grabbed the wrong samples or I need to rename them to *.sys or pre-process them?

Appreciate any help.

I believe at least two of

I believe at least two of them are .sys files. You can look at the information dialog to see what the original file names were, or open a PE editor and have it tell you what it was.