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Need installer for Antivirus Clean 2011 or download url


I need a sample for the rogue Antivirus Clean 2011 or download url. Does anyone have? It looks like this:

Yes, please -- anyone?

I would like a url, too. I have tried, which appears in one of the screenshots for the rogue, but the domain doesn't resolve. A check of the domain's info shows that it isn't even registered. I've hit a dead end, here, and would really appreciate it if anyone can find out where this thing is hiding.

Got this off of MDL:

Got this off of MDL:

Just uploaded and installer

Just uploaded and installer a friend got in his email as an attachment. Its a screen saver file. Search MD5: 055ead573995d41d126f363a2f5292b3
Analysis of the binary was done at