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Latest Malware Samples (21.02.2011)


Please note that these samples are only for analysis purpose and not for any criminal activities.


It contains 6,908 malicious files for testing and analysis. Please Use at your own risk.

Latest Malware Samples (21.02.2011)

Thanks for the effort. But ~95% of samples are already detected by most vendors.


I have download the samples, but when i uncompress the folders it ask me the password,do you konw it?

thank you!

Not able to download.

Hi AvinashR,

Iam an independen malware researcher, Your collection is very useful for my anlaysis.
Can you upload the files in some other sites like rapidshare, megaupload and etc...
Bcoz this cramitin seems to be difficult to download since it gives timed out error.

Or I can give my FTP with username and password so that you can share the files with me.

Thanks in advance...


do you have exploits samples also. I ama researcher and interested in exploits reversing....I am also from India

by blog

@ Inniyan I cannot upload

@ Inniyan

I cannot upload other than

BTW you can PM me your email ID, so that we can discuss things further.

@ Abhilyall

I am sorry bro, all my samples are sorted accroding to MD5 and few of them are sorted as SHA256, so I cannot tell you which is exploit or which is not.

Do you maybe have more

Do you maybe have more samples? :)