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Malware Samples for Analysis ...


Hi Guys,

Probably this is first or second post on offensive computing. By the way let me introduce you myself. My name is Avinash and I am from India. I am an Independent malware analyst. I also collect malware samples for my own analysis but I do submit all those samples to AV companies on daily basis. Today I thought to share some handful of samples with you guys. Hope you guys analyze them and help others.

Please note that these samples are only for analysis purpose and not for any criminal activities.

URL (15.02.2011):-
Number of Samples:- 3,823
Date of Samples:- 15.02.2011

URL (16.02.2011):-
Number of Samples:- 3,792
Date of Samples:- 16.02.2011


Thanks for the samples.

Jake Williams
CSRgroup Malware Analyst

Your welcome Jake ... By the

Your welcome Jake ...

By the way what's this CSRgroup? I am not aware of this group.. :P

i conn't download

maybe i use the free download , it gives the message like that "the resource is suspend, cann't find it!"

I need your help! my Email address is, Can you give me a test dataset?

hi AvinashR, I'm independent

hi AvinashR,
I'm independent malware analyst too. What do you think about exchanging samples?
Please contact me.