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Need some Sample to test Anti Keylogger


Dear all,

I am looking for the following Trojan sample

Bifrost (Trojan)
Bandook (Trojan)
Nuclear RAT (Trojan)
Poison Ivy (Trojan)
sharK (Trojan)

Would appreciate if anyone can share this sample.

just download all RATS you

just download all RATS you need..use google i see a lot of downloads...

heres one sample (bifrost) trojan

i know where you can get sample of bifrost trojan.just go to search (on this site) and type in or copy this filename:69fe19f159655c4bc2924de01ae54d9e.this should give you the bifrost trojan

I have a few of them..

I have some samples of the following:

Bifrost (9)
Poison Ivy (9)
Shark (1)

Please Upload

Can you please upload that ample to and file sharing site and post the link here.