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please help regarding bot worms..

Hello Everybody,
I have recently setup a honeynet lab and i'm looking for help for sources whre i can get some worms so that i can inject them on my honeypots.....My research is on irc bots so plz help me

Re: please help regarding bot worms..

Ah, the lowly worm. A curious species. Some will say that it's quite easy to locate specimens while others labor for days, weeks, months, even years before coming across one. Without access to a laboratory specializing in providing high-grade samples of these worms, there is a limited course of action a researcher can take to obtain one. The installation of a so-called "honeypot" is one such method that has achieved a quite high success rate in academic circles. Of course, the difficulty lies in attracting worms to the honeypot itself. One must employ a variety of creative subterfuges in order to entice the worm into entering the honeypot. Some of the most effective techniques are esoteric and quite difficult to master. For example, one of the great honeypot pioneers, Lance Spitzner, preferred to use a method known only by the cryptic name "Connect it to the Internet". Other scholars took this a step further, perfecting a technique that some call "Disabling the Firewall". Although it takes an extreme level of dedication to master the art of the honeypot, the rewards are greater than you could ever imagine.

Hmm. Your ideas are

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