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Alternative Malware Detection

Hello all,

I am looking for information (papers, articles, names, tips on how to find more information via google ...) on alternative malware detection methodes (not only heuristic methods) . It does not matter if this methods are more "spiritual" or really sophisticated.

Thx a lot


edit: Oh jea I don't just mean detection methods, I am interested in all kind of alternative Anti-Malware-Techniques.

Any ideas? Come on guys (and

Any ideas? Come on guys (and ladies of course) it is really important.

You can always check for

You can always check for behavior of malware like hooking, file hiding, etc

More specifically?

Alternative malware detection methods which are not heuristic is a bit vague to me. I mean, there are articles on evolutionary rule learning systems, machine learning techniques combined with feature extraction / data mining systems for known/unknown malware detection / classification, but I could not say that there isn't a heuristic approach involved in these methods - maybe I'm wrong about it, but it's my current perception. Are these the kind of things you were referring to or was it something else and I misunderstood?