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Searching for mobile Zeus malware


Does anybody have sample of new Zeus for Symbian and BlackBerry?

There is a photo of the infected device on second link, but the website is ucomlete.
I''l be very happy if someone can upload the samples both for symbian and blackberry.

Many thanks!

exe from the sis

looks like this is the main part of the trojan for symbian (from sis-package):

md5 is 05c97a2f749f6a2cb92e813a48e54253

at least, something. sis-package's md5 is unknown for now. :(


lol a zeus for mobile :o ?

yes! :)

Pretty interesting thing! Want to have a look on it. :)

google group (mobile malware)

There is Symbian (no BB sample) sample located on the mobile malware Google group. It is located here:


Thank you! I will check it soon