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Stuxnet Malware Examples

I cannot seem to unpack the malware archives for stuxnet, I was hoping to emulate some hosts but I am having issues with unpacking the uploads, am I the only one ?


I am also waiting for Stuxnet malware sample for testing purpose only.


Just grab the archive, it works well.

Which archive to grab?


Which archive to grab? Please provide MD5 for sample.

But wait

I thought STUXNET was built to work only on those specific SCADA systems, therefore, how would you analyze it on anything else?

Stuxnet is a Windows

Stuxnet is a Windows malware. It does check for existence of a particular SCADA comtroller on the PC and if it finds one, it will deliver a payload into those systems.


Does anyone know were could I get a sample? I have the SCADA soft and dll that stuxnet exploits.