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Downtime, maitenance and assorted emergencies


So you might have noticed that OffensiveComputing was acting strangely, broken database, or generally down during the last 24 hours. Basically several things happendd.

We use a vhost and it ran out of space (thanks for all the malware contributions!). A symptom of this is a database error. So I took steps to purchase more space which got increased by our provider sometime during the night. When I booted up my brain this morning I saw that both apache and the database daemons were not running for some reason and so I started them both and we are back up.

This illustrates a couple of issues. Primarily that I am not a web person/sysadmin and I have no interest in being one. (I got over that when geocities was still cool :)

Second this is an open source project payed for out of my pocket, whose backend is basically managed by one person so expect occasional downtime.

That said, I'm glad we're back up and Ill do my best to keep us up. Thanks for your continued contributions!