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Help with analysis of sample file


I was trying to run through two malicious office file samples statically to manually extract the malware using IDA pro. I am unable to find the encryption routine when looking at the malicious file with IDA pro. Wondering if someone would be willing to help out with the analysis. This is more for my educational purposes, I've run through several other office files which I download from the internet and have been able to extract the embedded malware using IDA but i am stuck when looking at these two samples. If someone is willing/would not mind helping out with the analysis please reply back with an email address to send the samples. FYI I've run the files dynamically and know that they actually have embedded executables.

Thanks for the help in advanced.


I am interested to have a look.. I have been working on this since sometime.....

You can see my work here::

email:: abhilyall[AT]gmail[DOT]com