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Alureon dropper and sample that can bluescreen the box.


Hi all,

Can anyone supply an Alureon sample that is one of the earlier versions that can bluescreen a machine. Versions before .G I guess with the hardcoded RVAs that had this issue. Many thanks in advance,


Alureon Samples

There are three samples going back to 09/2009 in this zip.
The file "powersecure...." drops Antivirus8 rogue app. Leave it sit for a
couple hours after drop and it should pull down Alureon. If you are looking for the really old version that caused BSOD after a Windows update, and none of these are it, reply and I'll see if I still have it.

didn't realize how old this

didn't realize how old this request was. Sorry.

xfdrake, thanks for replying

xfdrake, thanks for replying on this one. I am still interested in the alureon samples however could not get the rapidshare link as it was removed. would appreciate it if you could repost.