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Vera 0.20 - Now Available

After a lot of work, I'm happy to announce that Vera 0.20 is available for download. This release is a rewrite of the entire code base into wxWidgets. Based on some excellent feedback from my talk at REcon (an excellent con by the way) I've made some substantial changes to the backend code.

If you're not familiar with VERA, it's a visualization tool to help understand the dynamic execution of a program. It's made to take the instruction traces from Ether and generate directed graphs showing the overall flow and composition of a program. Identifying the OEP is easy, as well as looking for main loops and initialization sections of the program. You can read about VERA in my Vizsec 2009 paper for more information.

Here's the complete changelog:

Rewrite of entire codebase to wxWidgets (should allow for future ports to other platforms)
Added configuration file (~/.wxVera/wxvera.ini)
Read/save previous window position and size from/to config file
Fixed a graph centering problem
Added update checking code
Reloading of graphs more efficient
Added welcome message
Introduced notebook style for GUI

Please feel free to contact me (dquist at this domain) if you have any problems or suggestions for VERA. Thanks!