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Looking for spam bot



I want this kind of sample:

I'm interested in more sending spams than creating account automatically

I don't know in detail about that
So, I want some samples(ex;bots) that send spams via Hotmail or gmail

If you have any sample or information, please give me


spam bots

HI I'm Stephan, head researcher at Websense, that blog is dates 2008, and we get so many of those spam bot samples I don't have a record as to which one that even is. DM me and I'll try to help you find a few spam bot samples + you can tell me what you need specifically so I can try to help you get the right samples for your research.

That goes for anyone, if you guys see any samples you need from blogs we write just DM me, and I'll upload them to OC.



Hi Stephan, I can't seem to be able to DM you, but I can receive emails and DMs. I'm interested in getting a recent copy of Rustock for research purposes if you have access to that.