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Gunpack - A Generic Unpacking tool

God's Unpacking tool for automated unpacking.
A generic unpacking tool works well against almost all the packers, except few.

I made a test with an UPX

I made a test with an UPX compressed file and the unpacked result was disappointing.

Maybe you could give him

Maybe you could give him more details.

I don´t know what details I

I don´t know what details I could give him because if an unpacker is unable to decompress reasonably well an UPX compressed file means the unpacker is not worth.

If I release an unpacker I´ld be sure it´s able tu unpack, let´s say, the 50 more common packers, because if it´s unable, what´s the point of it?

It´s like if my Buster Sandbox Analyzer was unable to report that files are being dropped to Windows folders, or a value is being modified at registry.

For me it´s ridicolous release an unpacker which is unable to unpack an UPX compressed file.

I think that's a good start,

I think that's a good start, but you could also provide the file that you used to test, the settings that you used to generate the file (upx -9 file.exe), etc. Just telling him it doesn't work isn't likely to get any positive response back.


The project was moved under a new name

No permission

What happened with this project?


Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/gunpack/ from this server.

Not sure, had same error

Not sure, had same error when I tried - possibly removed to work on it per the comments above, or it could just have been removed, link now invalid; etc.

Oh well, the hunt for an unpacker continues!

Project moved to new link -AllUnpack

Hi guys,
I am noticing your posts today only as I was busy on my other works..
I am really Sorry for not replying..
The project has been renamed and moved to the below link..

It works against most of the packers but the wait time must be adjusted depending on the packer..
As I used debugger to test I have failed to notice the bug in wait time..
My 1000 apologies for the failure ..

AllUnPack - GunPack's modified version

This one is not an ideal tool against all packers..
I have modified the tool in such way enabling any one to alter(patch) the waiting time by isolating it from main code flow..

I encourage you all to patch it to make it effectively work against all packers and cryptors..

This light weight tool has been written just to demonstrate the idea of "Unpacking through process memory dumping"..

I encourage all of you to reverse the code to get more idea..

Caution: Use it in Virtual environment as it executes executable to dump.
Don't try to unpack dll or driver files using this light weight tool.