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My collection (password is "virus" without quotes)(12.10.2010)

This is my latest uploaded malware collection. Samples are rarred into single archives with password protection and each archive is named by Kaspersky nomenclature depending on malware they contain. Samples filenames and other things are not changed. If you find any sample being undetectable or only detectable with heuristic by any anti-malware product, submit it to anti-malware vendors to make sure it will be detectable.

For massive extraction, use UnzipThemAll utility. In options type password and after extraction you will have folder ready to scan with AM program.


That's quite a collection, thanks.

Oh my, impressive. Thanks

Oh my, impressive. Thanks for this, I will definitely spend a good amount of time going through those samples.


Very impressive.


Good lookin out LotD. Great share.


This is new one:


Good collection and classification. Thanks

Very nice collection

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for the organization

Thank you for taking the time to organize this. Extremely helpful.

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Thank you .

Thank you .

Thanks man...

Cheers :)


Thanks for posting that, it was exactly what I was looking for. Need a collection like this for evaluating a FireEye MPS 2000 at work.

*edit* I wrote this small script to unpack them all at once

for i in /full_path_to_directory/*
mkdir "${i%.rar}"
cd "${i%.rar}"
unrar x -p$PASS "$i"
cd ..

Actually, for massive

Actually, for massive extracting I use UnzipThemAll utility, but thanks for sharing this script. :-)

I wrote a tool to extract

I wrote a tool to extract all kind of files. Description:

I have coded a tool named Extractor used to unpack archives and installation files. It´s similar to Universal Extractor but more advanced in the techniques used for unpacking and focused to the file formats we can find on virus collections.

So far it´s able to unpack directly next formats: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB, NSIS, ACE, EML, Inno Setup, Microsoft SZDD, Microsoft TNEF, RTF, Gentee, Setup Factory, RapSFX, Thraex´s Astrum InstallWizard, SEA, Instyler, BInstall, Cexe, Quick Batch File Compiler, WScript, Smart Install Maker, Stubbie SFX Extractor, and virtually all executable installers.

Formats not supported directly are supported through SandBoxie which makes Extractor to be able to unpack virtually all executable installers.

The successfully unpacking ratio is around 99%.

Massive extracting

Another tool to extract all of the samples into one directory 100% is "RarMonkey". Handles this situation nicely and is freeware. Only have to enter the password once and check "Use password for all other archives in this operation"."

any other malware update in your awesome collection

Hi ,

is your collection has been update with previous collection posted,It was really awesome.
please contact me at mirci45[at]

Date given in first post

Date given in first post represent day of uploading whole collection. Next upload should be in middle of October and it should weight ~200MiB.

If I understood your question, link contains all samples I had on the day of uploading.

many many thanks

Hi Lord of the Dragons ,

I will be really waiting for the collection ..

Thank you for your submition

Thank you for your submition, and I have a malware collection too, but I don't know what can I upload it. Please help me!

what's the size when its compressed...

Cheers :)

Pack all of your samples in

Pack all of your samples in passord protected archive and upload it on RapidShare, MegaUpload or any other file hosting service and paste here link.


Thanks to MD5 checksums and many links to other collections found here, collection now counts 991 samples. Tommorow, I hope so, collection will be uploaded on MegaUpload.


im from indonesia.... nice sample bro... needed exchange?

No. Feel free to research

No. Feel free to research them. ;)