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Recycler Worm

Does anyone have this worm? It is named recycle.exe. If so can you please upload it? I searched for it and I cannot find it on Offensive Computing, Malware Domain List, MalwareURL, malc0de, etc.. Thanks in advance.

I believe the file you're

I believe the file you're thinking of is either associated with Conficker/Downadup, or possibly a USB type worm.
I believe many AV's are detecting it as Trojan.Generic (Go figure...)

Sorry I can't offer more at this time, but I hope that helps some.

could be this one?


MD5: c4eb3a2e44fdcf82f8b959fd9545d66b

i uploaded a sample, i hope it's the one you're looking for.

Recycled.scr is also one.

Recycled.scr is also one.