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YARA 1.4 released

A new version of YARA have been released. This version improves the scanning speed and fix an annoying bug which causes crashes on 64-bits Windows. It also introduces external variables, a feature that allows you to create rules dependent on variables provided from the outside world.

Get the latest documentation here

I heard lots of people

I heard lots of people saying very good things about YARA over the past two weeks of conferences. Good job.

I met first YARA when was

I met first YARA when was trying to test my security tool, nice soft indeed.

YARA for fingerprint

My emails to the author (as identified in the code base and elsewhere) are getting bounced, so hopefully he gets this...

I've converted the rules used by HBGary's FingerPrint tool to use YARA in order to gather data faster.

Excellent work!



Thanks for the feedback guys. 0xdabbad00, good job converting FingerPrint's rules to YARA.

YARA 1.5 is about to be released. Keep tuned.