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doc 2007 sample


i am looking for d0c 2007 sample.
if anyone have, could you please share with me.

Thanks in advance


i want to sample

its here only

one file is present the offensive

this is md5 = aada36da206a13ed56979c1a6838a1e6

search "doctrine"..


can some body tell me from where i can get downloads to suspicious packet capture files. (.pcap)


What do you mean with

What do you mean with "suspicious packet"?

re: suspicious packet capture files

Depends on what you are trying to find.

The Shmoo Group captured pcap from the DEFCON Capture the Flag competition several years ago and has it available for download here:

For something more academic in nature, DARPA did an IDS eval, and MIT is hosting their Data Sets off of this page: