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Best Buy iPad Censorship

Today I was at Best Buy playing with the iPad, when I tried loading Offensive Computing on the web browser. It seems that Best Buy thinks that this site has something to do with hacking. I wonder if some customers were stress testing the demo machines' antivirus products.

The picture is blurry so here is the text:

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( ) 
has been blocked because the web category "Hacking" is not allowed.

Store Network

If you have questions, please contact a Best Buy Employee and provide the codes shown below.

Notification codes:     (1, WEBCAT, BLOCK-WEBCAT, 0x0021ed3a, 1270677200.557, 

I actually worked for Best

I actually worked for Best Buy/Geek Squad to design and build their tools for removing malware from customers computers. My team heavily utilizes this site to obtain malware so that we can create tools to defeat the same malware. When you see Offensive Computing blocked it is just because of the filtering software that they use to protect their company. Keywords on this site cause it to be blocked for the entire company.