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Analysis of new malware (YolrotX - Backdoor.Win32.Poison.apec)

This is the latest malware I got from the malware repositories, here I present how this malware infect the system and which third-party actions is doing by this specimen .
written in Visual Basic 6.0
MD5 Checksum : cb702c3319a27e792b84846d3d6c61ad
Size : 61493 Bytes
Extract itself to %windir%\System32 with 3 different names : update.exe, security.exe, avg.exe
it's also open the internet explorer and tends to surf website.
Seems it also uses the following library : Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v1.0
usename of the author is Basic, so we can name the author Basic .
Also trying to download the following files to system32 .




when start to executing, it's also drop a driver named "drive.sys" and "" to system32\Drivers, had some rootkit behavior, while scanning with RKU it reports try to hide process update.exe .
Open a Handle to Cmd.exe .
seems, there's no hooking behavior available in this sample .
set itself as startup to the following key with 3 different entries:
easy to kill, just terminate update.exe , security.exe and globo.exe, so the malware become inactive .
vt result : Result: 6/42 (14.29%)
vt perma link :

download sample from here :
pass : Infected

P.S : I've been added it OC dataBase, try to search this one : cb702c3319a27e792b84846d3d6c61ad