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Looking for a malware md5 list

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I'm currently involved in doing some forensic analysis with Helix, and I was hoping someone in the forum could point me in the direction of a good md5 list for common malware (sdbot/gaobot/mytob variants, general worms, virii, etc.) Any help would be appreciated.


Real-Soon-Now (TM)

We're going to have our online database up real soon now. While this doesn't solve your problem right away it will in a week or so.


I'm actually in the process of getting nepenthes running on one of my sensors here, so hopefully I'll be able to start contributing some malware samples. I look forward to working with you guys :)


At the left of this page is a search bar. type in md5sum and hit search and see what happens :)


nepenthes stats

Then check out the nepenthes site. They have stats inc. md5 checksums (, and also link to this excellent stats site:

Personal Zoo of Pedro Bueno (INFOcom)

A 'little' list of malware with md5sum:

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Hello everbody

Hello everbody I've notice that you are doing a good stuff over with this page, and i hope that all info here will be free all the time,
Anyway you have by now your online database with malware samples?

Tone Victor