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Need SpyEye Bot


If somebody has found this, I'd like to get my hands on it.

Especially cool for its Zeus kill functionality


No problem!!!

Here is Spyeye
Md5 760da2a47bd3d43fbd4c94c2aed21ac1
You can find it. Have fun.

Why not just provide the

Why not just provide the location? or better yet have it uploaded to this site?


That *would* be nice ;-)

000SpyEye Bot. Analysis of a new alternative scenario crimeware

This document describes the activities of SpyEye from the stage of infection giving relevant information about their purpose.

Jorge Mieres
Pistus Malware Intelligence

Here ya go

Thank you, your file has been added to the processing queue.

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For SpyEye.B! If someone has SpyEye.A, I'd still like a copy.